Best 600cc Snowmobiles

When it comes to conquering the winter wonderland with speed and precision, a reliable snowmobile is a must-have. Among the myriad options available, 600cc snowmobiles stand out for their perfect blend of power, agility, and performance. In this article, we will explore the top contenders in the 600cc category, offering snow enthusiasts an exhilarating experience on the icy terrains.

Best 600 cc snowmobiles

1-Arctic Cat ZR 600

Arctic Cat ZR 600

  • 600-Class C-TEC2™ Engine is present in this snowmobile
  • This engine is 600cc with 2-strokes
  • A digitally controlled CDI ignition system is present in this snowmobile
  • This snowmobile has a 10.4 gallons or 39.2 liters fuel capacity
  • This snowmobile has a 2.8-liter oil capacity
  • 91 octane number is best for this snowmobile
  • This snowmobile has front travel of 8.2 inches and rear travel of 13.5 inches
  • This snowmobile has AWS 42 front suspensions
  • SLIDE-ACTION with 3 Wheel Rear Axle Assembly, Coupling Blocks, Torque-Sensing Link Rear Arm & Adjustable Torsion Springs are present in the rear part

The Arctic Cat ZR 600 snowmobile features a powerful 600cc C-TEC2™ Engine with digitally controlled CDI ignition, a generous fuel capacity of 10.4 gallons (39.2 liters), and a recommended 91 octane fuel for peak performance. Its front travel of 8.2 inches and rear travel of 13.5 inches provide excellent suspension, while the AWS 42 front suspensions and SLIDE-ACTION rear suspension with adjustable torsion springs ensure a smooth ride in varying conditions.

2-Polaris 600 INDY Cross Country

Polaris 600 INDY Cross Country

  • This snowmobile is also a 600 cc snowmobile 
  • A lightweight 600 Cleanfire engine is present in this snowmobile that can help you to fly in the air
  • This snowmobile is specially designed by Polaris for racing purposes

The Matryx platform revolutionizes rider comfort and control with its innovative design, enhancing the connection between racer and sled for superior performance. Polaris Racing Components has upgraded the Cross Country for 2024, reinforcing key components to handle challenging tracks and improve durability. The 600 Cleanfire Engine is optimized for victory, featuring lightweight components and aggressive calibration for top-tier performance in 600cc snowmobiles.

3- Ski-Doo MXZ X

Ski-Doo MXZ X

  • This snowmobile is built on a generation 5 platform with an impressive 600cc E-tec Engine. This snowmobile is also available in an 850cc E-TEC engine
  • In the rear rMotion™ X suspensions are present
  • In front of this snowmobile, RAS™ X suspensions are present
  • Ripsaw†, Ice Ripper XT track is present in this snowmobile

Get ready to conquer any terrain with the Ski-Doo MXZ X! This high-powered snowmobile is equipped with top-notch features to meet the needs of even the most demanding riders. Whether you’re tearing up the trails or braving challenging conditions, this snowmobile has got you covered. Built on a cutting-edge generation 5 platform, it boasts an impressive 600cc E-TEC engine, with an option for an 850cc E-TEC engine.

 The rear rMotion X and front RAS X suspensions ensure a smooth and controlled ride, while the Ripsaw and Ice Ripper XT track provide superior traction. Get ready for an exhilarating experience on the Ski-Doo MXZ X!



  • 600cc powerful engine is present in this snowmobile
  • 15.1 liters of fuel capacity
  • 2-stroke engine
  • In the front and rear parts, XR2 suspensions are present

The 600R engine is specifically designed for racing, boasting years of top-notch engine development. It is optimized with enhanced porting to boost horsepower across the entire RPM range and calibrated for even greater speed. With its low-inertia design and lightweight internals, this engine gives Team Polaris a competitive advantage on the track when every fraction of a second matters.



  • This snowmobile has a  Rotax® 600 ACE ENGINE
  • In rear part PPS³, KYB 36 shocks ARE PRESENT
  • In front part  LFS+, 1097 mm ski stance, KYB 36 shocks are present.
  • Cora track is present in this snowmobile

Check out our fifth snowmobile on the list – the LYNX ADVENTURE SNOWMOBILE! This bad boy comes equipped with a powerful Rotax 600 ACE ENGINE in the back and PPS, along with KYB 36 shocks. We’ve got LFS, a 1097 mm ski stance, and KYB 36 shocks. And remember the Cora track! This snowmobile is seriously decked out for some awesome adventures!

6- Arctic-Cat M 600 ALPHA ONE

Arctic-Cat M 600 ALPHA ONE


  • This snowmobile has a 600-Class C-TEC2™ Engine
  • This snowmobile has IFP Shocks
  • PowerClaw™ Track is present in this snowmobile

The CATALYST platform revolutionizes the snowmobile experience, providing optimized performance and a seamless connection between rider and sled. With improved ergonomics, lower center of gravity, exclusive engine design, calibrated suspension, and a powerful yet lightweight 599cc, 125-HP C-TEC2 engine with Dual-Stage Injection (DSI), it transforms the backcountry riding experience.

 The single-beam rear suspension and monorail design shed snow to maintain lightness and equalize flotation across the track width. ALPHA ONE enhances maneuverability for tighter turns.




  • This snowmobile is also 600 cc with 2-strokes
  • In front WER® C/A Needle suspeionns are present 
  • In the rear IGX 144 suspensions are present 

The 600 Switchback Assault 144 is a high-performance snowmobile designed for agile handling and powerful performance on varied terrain. With a longer track length and versatile suspension, it’s well-suited for riders who enjoy challenging backcountry riding and deep snow exploration.

What about Yamaha

In the above list, there is no snowmobile from Yamaha because Yamaha has not manufactured any 600cc snowmobiles in 2024. I have checked their website a lot of times but I found nothing related to 600cc snowmobile. If you see any 600cc snowmobile then please comment me so that I can include that snowmobile in my list


In conclusion, selecting the best 600cc snowmobile boils down to your personal preference for speed, comfort, design, or even brand loyalty but rest assured all these models will deliver exceptional performance on your snowy adventure trips.

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