Polaris Khaos vs Pro RMK


Polaris is a name synonymous with premium snowmobiles, often lauded for their inventive designs coupled with remarkable performance on the snow. Two models that always spark interest are the Polaris 850 Khaos and the Polaris 850 Pro RMK. Here, we aim to perform a detailed comparison between the two.

Note: Here we will share a few important factors that every person must consider before buying every snowmobile.



  • The price of Polaris Khaos is almost $17000 while the price of Polaris Pro Rmk is $16500

The exact pricing can fluctuate based on factors like model year, additional accessories, and regional taxes. Always remember to assess your requirements and budget constraints when making a final purchasing decision. It’s advisable to check with local dealerships or official online platforms for current prices before making a decision.


  • Both snowmobiles are equipped with an 850 patriot engine.
  • Both can give you 840 cc of displacement
  • Both snowmobiles can give you 165 hp.
  • Both engines are two-stroke.

The 850 Patriot engine is a game-changing powerhouse built by Polaris, renowned in snowmobiling circles for its superior performance and durability. This two-stroke engine, rolling out a whopping 165 horsepower, offers excellent throttle response and impressive torque throughout its power band. 

Created with snowmobile enthusiasts in mind, the 850 Patriot includes advanced features such as an innovative combustion process and an improved cooling system. It has also been lauded for its reduced vibration levels and incredible fuel efficiency – maintaining optimal conditions for extensive rides across snowy terrain.

3-Cooling system: 

  • Both snowmobiles have a liquid cooling system

The liquid cooling system in snowmobiles is a vital feature for heat management. This system works by circulating coolant, usually a mix of water and antifreeze, through the engine block and cylinder heads to absorb the excess heat produced during operation. The heated coolant then moves to a radiator where it disperses the heat into the surrounding cold air before returning into the engine. In frigid conditions typical of snowmobiling, this type of cooling method is exceptionally effective due to the high-temperature differences involved. It provides an efficient means to regulate engine temperature and prevent overheating, prolonging the life of the snowmobile’s engine.

To learn details of the liquid cooling system click here.

4-Weight and dimensions:

  • The dry weight of Polaris Khoas is 425.5 lb. (193 kg) while that of pro-Rmk  is 428 lb. (194 kg)
  • The overall length of Polaris Khoas is almost 126.7 inches while the length of Polaris Pro RMK is 135.1 inches
  • The width of Polaris Khoas is 43.4 inches while that of Polaris Pro Rmk is also 43.4 inches 
  • The height of both snowmobiles is the same, 53 inches

Not much difference between the weight of both snowmobiles however there is a little bit of difference between the length but in terms of height and width, both are the same.

Polaris Khaos vs Pro RMK


  •  Both snowmobiles have an RMK® LWT disc brake system.

The RMK® LWT (Lightweight) brake system is a proprietary innovation in snowmobile technology, designed to enhance performance while reducing weight. The core emphasis of this system is weight-savings that significantly improve a snowmobile’s handling by reducing its overall mass.

 The RMK® LWT brake system features an optimized rotor and caliper, which are engineered for maximal efficiency and minimal drag. With a significant reduction in an unsprung mass, this braking innovation boosts overall sled performance and agility. It simplifies maintenance tasks as well due to less wear and tear on the system components ensuring longevity and durability.

6-Fuel system: 

  • Both snowmobiles have a Cleanfire® Injection Fuel system.
  • The fuel capacity of both snowmobiles is 11 gallons or  41.6 liters.

The Cleanfire® Injection Fuel system is a cutting-edge technology employed in advanced snowmobiles. It’s specifically designed to enhance the engine’s performance by providing precise, efficient fuel delivery. This semi-direct injection system disperses fuel into the combustion chamber, minimizing waste and maximizing power output.

Not only does it improve responsiveness and acceleration, but it also promotes cleaner emissions. The Cleanfire® system reduces both noise and vibration for a smoother ride experience. Moreover, due to its detailed monitoring capability of fuel consumption favoring sustainable functionality, it provides greater fuel economy for extended rides on the trails.


  • Both snowmobiles are equipped with Gripper skis with a ski stance of  36, 37, or 38 inches

Gripper Skis are a crucial component of snowmobiles, designed to provide superior control and maneuverability in diverse snow conditions. These skis are explicitly engineered with raised ribs on the surface which enable effective traction on snowy terrain. They offer riders enhanced steering precision combined with less darting or tracking, hence optimizing the riding experience.

Crafted with durable materials for longevity, gripper skis also facilitate improved lateral stability during rides, translating to safer, more controlled movements. Simply put, they play significant roles in ensuring both safety and performance by providing excellent grip over tricky terrains while breaking through heavy snowpacks or gliding over powder.

Polaris Khaos vs Pro RMK

8-Track type: 

  • Polaris Khaos has a series 8 track while that of pro RMK has a series 6 track.
  • Track dimensions in Polaris Khaos are, length 155 inches, width 15 inches, height 2.6 inches
  • Track dimensions in Polaris pro-RMK are the same but the height is 2.1 inches.

The Series 8 track on Polaris snowmobiles is a high-performance feature, renowned for its exceptional traction and floatation capacity in various snow conditions. Measuring 15 inches wide and 2.6 inches tall, it provides an optimal contact area with the snow, enabling efficient power transfer. Its robust construction with strong lugs offers remarkable durability while the unique pattern design ensures excellent grip and control during rides. This track is respected among riders for its ability to handle deep snow, steep slopes, and complex terrains with ease.

The Series 6 track on Polaris snowmobiles is designed for superior agility and performance in off-trail terrains. It measures 15 inches wide and 2.1 inches tall, striking a balance between deep snow traction and on-trail versatility. The track’s unique lug design offers excellent grip, while its durable construction ensures long-lasting performance. This track provides an unmatched blend of flotation and nimble handling, allowing riders to navigate both powder-filled backcountry and groomed trails with confidence and ease.


  • Polaris Khaos has Type  Low-Rise ProTaper or Mid-Rise ProTaper or High-Rise ProTaper handlebars while these are the same for Polaris Pro RMK.

Polaris snowmobiles feature three different types of ProTaper handlebars allowing riders to choose based on their riding style.

 Low-Rise ProTaper handlebars are great for riders who prefer a more aggressive forward stance and quick maneuvering, especially in trail riding.

 Mid-Rise ProTapers strike a balance between stand-up riding and sitting down, offering versatility across various terrains. 

High-Rise ProTapers offer greater leverage for stand-up riders, ideal for deep snow conditions or mountainous terrain.

 All ProTaper handlebars provide excellent strength with minimal weight due to their unique aluminum composition.


  • The front, rear, and center shocks in Polaris khaos are WER® Velocity Hi-Lo
  • The front, rear, and center shocks in Polaris Pro RMK are WER® Light

Polaris snowmobiles’ WER Velocity Hi-Lo shocks have revolutionized the industry with their superior adaptability to terrain changes. Equipped with high and low-speed compression adjustability, these shocks let riders fine-tune shock absorption and damping as per the riding conditions. 

 The Polaris snowmobiles’ WER Light shocks are top-notch features engineered to enhance the riding experience. They have earned accolades for their exceptional durability and remarkable effectiveness in ensuring a smooth ride regardless of ground conditions. These featherweight shock absorbers cut down on excess weight while boosting responsiveness and control. With an adjustable spring preload feature, they allow riders to fine-tune their suspension based on personal preferences or condition needs, offering a bespoke experience that optimizes comfort and handling.


  • In the front part of Polaris khaos and pro-RMK, RMK® React™ suspensions with travel up to 9 inches are present.
  • In the rear part of both snowmobiles MATRYX RMK KHAOS suspensions with travel up to 16 inches are present.

Polaris Khaos vs Pro RMK


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