Polaris sks vs Ski Doo backcountry

Rev your engines, snow enthusiasts! Welcome to the ultimate showdown in the winter wonderland – Polaris SKS vs Ski Doo Backcountry! These two titans of the trail have been dominating discussions around hot cocoa and ski lodges for years, each boasting a dedicated following and top-tier performance. But which one truly reigns supreme when conquering the snowy terrains? Buckle up as we dive headfirst into this exhilarating face-off!

Get ready, folks! We’re about to reveal some crucial elements everyone should consider before purchasing any snowmobile!


The most important factor that everyone must consider before buying anything is its price.

  • The price of Polaris sks is almost $13200.
  • The price of ski doo backcountry is almost $14400.

There is not a massive difference between the prices of these snowmobiles so you will be able to buy a snowmobile easily after reading this article.


  • Every snowmobile lover knows that our Polaris is equipped with a patriot™  engine.
  • While our ski doo is equipped with  Rotax® E-Tec engine
  • Both are 2 stroke snowmobiles with two cylinders
  • Polaris has 650 cc of displacement while ski doo has 849cc of displacement.
  • And you know very well that all the latest snowmobiles are equipped with liquid cooling systems and if you did not know the difference between a liquid cooling system and a fan cooling system then you can learn about the difference between the two from here.
  • Ski-doo backcountry requires premium oil to eat while for Polaris SKS snowmobile you can use ordinary oil.

The Patriot™ Snowmobile Engine is a symbol of high performance and cutting-edge innovation. It’s characterized by its impressive durability in all weather conditions, making it truly reliable. One key feature is the Rapid Reaction Clutch which offers smoother operations and more consistent performance. The engine works effectively even at higher altitudes, attributed to the expertly calibrated electronic fuel injection system.

The Rotax® E-Tec engine is a marvel of modern engineering and a pivotal feature in today’s high-performance snowmobiles. This two-stroke engine combines power with efficiency, offering an unparalleled blend of performance and environmental friendliness. E-Tec engines boast up to 15% more power while using 15% less fuel compared to standard two-stroke engines. With less smoke and smell due to nearly 90% cleaner emissions, these engines are remarkably eco-friendly.

3-Weight and dimensions: 

  • Polaris SKS is almost 238 kg in weight while ski doo backcountry is 209 kg in weight.
  • Polaris SKS is almost 132.24 inches in length while ski doo backcountry is 125.04 inches in length.
  • Polaris SKS is 43.4 inches wide while ski doo is 46.5 inches wide.
  • Polaris SKS is 53 inches high while ski doo backcountry is 50.5 inches high.

Yes, we can say that there is a little bit of difference between the sizes of these two snowmobiles.

Polaris sks vs Ski Doo backcountry


  • Our Polaris SKS is equipped with a MATRYX hydraulic disc brake system
  • But our ski doo is equipped with Brembo® hydraulic disc brake system

MATRYX Hydraulic Disc Brake System is an integral component in modern snowmobiles, designed to provide a high level of control and safety to all types of riders. This system operates based on tunable, progressive engagement – this means smoother braking even during aggressive riding maneuvers. In addition, its compact design minimizes unsprung weight, maintaining optimal balance and contributing to the lightweight structure of snowmobiles. 

Brembo® Hydraulic Disc Brake System is a renowned feature in the world of snowmobiles, providing unmatched stopping power and reliability. Known for their high performance, Brembo® brakes use hydraulics to ensure a smooth, efficient application of brake force. 

One distinctive benefit of Brembo® brakes is their excellent thermal properties due to optimized disc construction. 


  • Polaris can work best on regular fuel but ski doo works best on premium fuel
  • Polaris SKS can carry 43.5 liters of petrol with it at a single time
  • While our ski doo can carry only 36 liters of petrol at a time.

Regular fuel, commonly 87 octane, is an economical choice for many snowmobile engines and is widely available. It offers a suitable performance for most ordinary rides.

Premium fuel, typically 91 or higher octane, is required for high-performance or tuned snowmobile engines. Although it’s more costly, it provides optimized performance and may contribute to the engine’s endurance.

6-Ski type: 

  • Our Polaris SKS snowmobile is equipped with  Pro-Steer™ skis
  • While our backcountry is equipped with pilot™  skis
  • In both snowmobiles maximum ski stance is 39 inches

Pro-Steer™ skis on Polaris SKS snowmobiles are engineered for perfect balance and control, even in deep snow. They have curved edges that ensure precise steering while reducing effort. Their wider design reduces darting and offers superior flotation. These skis work together with the front suspension system to deliver unparalleled handling and excellent cornering abilities.

“Pilot™ skis” on the Ski-Doo Backcountry snowmobile are designed for precision and control in deep snow. Featuring thin outer edges, they cut through soft conditions efficiently. Their square keel design improves cornering on trails while their robust durability offers longevity. These skis offer the ideal blend of off-trail agility and on-trail stability. 



  • Crossover track is present in Polaris snowmobile
  • Cobra track is present in ski doo
  • Both tracks have a height of 146 inches and a width of 15 inches

The crossover track in a Polaris SKS snowmobile provides increased versatility for riders, allowing optimal performance both on groomed trails and deep snow. Its unique design combines the characteristics of deep snow and trail tracks, providing superior flotation in deep snow while also offering great handling and stability on hard pack.

The Cobra track on a Ski-Doo Backcountry snowmobile is renowned for its outstanding performance in varying snow conditions. Its aggressive design with cupped lugs enhances traction, particularly in deep snow, and ensures excellent versatility. Its lightweight structure reduces the overall weight of the snowmobile, allowing for better control and maneuverability.


  • In Polaris SKS  Adjustable Gas IFP shocks are present in the front, rear, and center too.
  • In the front and rear parts of ski doohigh-pressure gas,” type shocks are present while in the rear part adjustable gas shocks are present

Adjustable Gas IFP Shocks on Polaris SKS snowmobiles provide superior suspension performance, offering riders a smooth and controlled ride. They employ gas-charged shocks with adjustable capabilities, allowing for custom-tune rides according to the terrain and riding style.

The high-pressure gas shocks in Ski-Doo Backcountry snowmobiles are designed for improved performance in challenging conditions. These shocks, located at both the front and rear, provide enhanced damping consistency and control. They are charged with high-pressure gas, which helps to minimize aeration and shock fade during aggressive rides. 

The adjustable gas shocks in the center part of Ski-Doo Backcountry snowmobiles offer a tailored riding experience. Designed for maximum comfort and performance, these shocks allow riders to adjust the damping force according to their preference and terrain conditions. 


  • In the front part of Polaris SKS independent A-Arm suspensions are present which are of brand RMK® while rear suspensions are of brand, PRO-CC.
  • In the front part of the ski-doo backcountry independent double A-Arm suspensions are present which are of brand RAS X while in the rear part, cMotion suspensions are present.

The Independent A-Arm suspension, critical to the Polaris SKS snowmobile’s front end, lends itself to exceptional maneuverability and control.

The PRO-CC suspensions, integrated into the rear section of the Polaris SKS snowmobile, provide remarkable control and traction on varying snow surfaces. 

The independent double A-Arm suspensions, designed by the brand RAS X, are a key feature of the front part of the Ski-Doo Backcountry snowmobile. 

cMotion suspensions, present in the rear part of the Ski-Doo Backcountry snowmobile, are designed to provide unparalleled control and superior comfort over diverse terrains.

Polaris sks vs Ski Doo backcountry

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