Ski Doo Skandic vs Expedition

Ski-Doo snowmobiles, produced by Bombardier Recreational Products, are among the most popular on the market today. Two specific models- the Skandic and Expedition- have been generating a lot of buzz. Each model has its strengths, and examining them in-depth can help potential buyers make an informed decision.

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  • The price of a ski-doo Skandic is almost $15000, while the price of a ski-doo expedition is $18500.

Note: Prices may vary according to area.


  • Skandic snowmobiles are equipped with Rotax 900 ACE™, four-stroke D.O.H.C., dry sump engine having two cylinders.
  • Expedition snowmobiles are equipped with Rotax 900 ACE™ Turbo R, four-stroke D.O.H.C., dry sump, turbocharged engine with three cylinders.
  • Both engines can give you an 849cc displacement.
  • But the difference here is that Skandic can give you 95 hp while Expedition can give you 180 hp
  • Both are Generation 4 snowmobiles.

When it comes to engine power, both the Ski-Doo Skandic and Expedition carry their strengths. They are known for solid fuel efficiency and reliable power distribution – essential for demanding conditions.

Both engines are almost equal to each other, but a massive difference here is that ski doo Skandic gives you 95 hp while ski doo expedition gives you 180 hp.

3-Cooling system:

  • Both the snowmobiles have a liquid cooling system.

A liquid cooling system is significantly superior and more fuel-efficient. If you need to familiarize yourself with the distinctions between a liquid-cooled and fan-cooled snowmobile, you can find informative content about them in this location.

4-Weight and dimensions: 

  • The dry weight of ski doo Skandic is almost 657 lb or 298 kg
  • The dry weight of the ski doo expedition is 694 lb or 314 kg.
  • The length of the ski-doo Skandic is 126.9 inches, compared to the ski-doo free Expedition, which measures 128.2 inches in length.
  • The Skandic stands at a height of 59.6 inches and spans a width of 42.8 inches, while the Expedition also have a height of 59.6 inches and a width of 47.7 inches.

 However, when it comes to weight, there’s hardly any difference between the two, implying that they’re practically equal in this regard. Thus, overall, these snowmobiles share quite similar characteristics in terms of length, height, and widthThe ski doo summit and the ski doo freeride snowmobiles are almost identical in their dimensions.


  • Both snowmobiles are equipped with Brembo brakes.

Brembo brakes are vital components in ensuring the safety and performance of snowmobiles. Known for their top-tier efficiency, they assist snowmobile riders in maintaining control through snowy landscapes at high speeds, providing dependable stopping power under various conditions.

Brembo manufactures specialized disk brake systems for snowmobiles utilizing advanced materials that resist harsh cold temperatures and guarantee maximum braking performance. Such innovations by Brembo bring superlative control qualities to snowmobiles, making them highly valued among winter sports enthusiasts and professionals alike.

ski doo skandic vs expedition

6-Fuel system:

  • Both snowmobiles are equipped with electronic injection fuel systems.
  • Both snowmobiles have 11.1 gallons or 42 litres of fuel capacity.
  • The oil capacity for both snowmobiles is also the same, which is 3.3 litres.
  • The fuel type for ski doo skandic is Regular unleaded Octane – 87, while for ski doo expedition, it is Premium unleaded Octane – 91

The Electronic Fuel Injection (E.F.I.) system in snowmobiles is a significant advancement in performance and fuel efficiency. Unlike traditional carbureted systems, E.F.I. precisely controls the fuel-air mixture that’s injected into the engine, optimizing power output and fuel consumption. It uses sensors to monitor engine conditions, such as temperature and air pressure, and adjusts fuel delivery accordingly.

 This automation results in easier starts—especially in cold weather—and smoother operations across various riding conditions. Consequently, EFI-equipped snowmobiles deliver a heightened user experience by ensuring consistent performance while reducing maintenance needs and environmental impact.


  • Both snowmobiles are equipped with Pilot™ 7.4 Skis with a ski stance of 35 inches in ski doo Skandic and 39 inches in ski doo expedition. Both are adjustable.

The Pilot™ 7.4 skis are prominent accessories developed for snowmobiles, designed to improve machine handling in various snow conditions. They offer a remarkable blend of agility and stability, resulting from their unique 7.4-inch width and square keel design. This combination effectively reduces darting and twitchiness, providing riders with more control over their vehicle.

 At the same time, the Pilot™ 7.4 skis improve flotation in deeper snow while maintaining impressive cornering precision on firmer ground. With their robust construction and thoughtful design, these skis significantly enhance ride comfort and performance, whether you’re trail riding or exploring off-trail areas.

8-Track type:

  • Both snowmobiles are equipped with Silent Cobra W.T. track. 
  • Track dimensions in ski doo Skandic is length 154 inches, width 24 inches, and height 1.5 inches.
  • Track dimensions in ski doo expedition are length 154 inches, 20 width inches, and height 1.8 inches.

The Silent Cobra W.T. track is a specialized component employed in snowmobiles for superior traction control and performance. The track’s silent design aims to reduce noise, creating a quieter riding experience, which is particularly advantageous on long expeditions.

Its lug design ensures excellent grip and agility on various terrains, allowing an optimized balance between speed and stability. In sum, the Silent Cobra W.T. track significantly contributes to both the comfort and performance of a snowmobile ride.

ski doo skandic vs expedition



  • Ski-doo Skandic and Expedition are both equipped with Standard with J-hooks / Grab handle handlebars.
  • The raiser height of handlebars in ski doo Skandic is 5.7 inches, while in Expedition, it is 4.7 inches.

Standard with J-hooks / Grab handle handlebars in snowmobiles offer greater control and comfort for riders. The J-hooks provide additional grip options, improving manoeuvrability, especially during complex turns or in challenging terrains. 

The integrated grab handle enhances the rider’s safety, allowing a firm hold during high-speed movements or sudden stops. These combined features offer an improved user experience, adding to the safety and ergonomic design of the snowmobile.


  • In the front and centre of ski doo, Skandic motion control shocks are present, while in the rear part, HPG™ shocks are present.
  • In the front and centre  of the ski doo expedition, HPG™ shocks are present, while in the rear part, A.C.S. shocks are present.

Motion Control shocks in snowmobiles provide a smooth, comfortable ride by adjusting to terrain changes enhancing stability and control during high-speed rides.

HPG™ shocks in snowmobiles are high-pressure gas shock absorbers. They provide excellent performance under varying conditions, enhancing ride comfort and control by effectively absorbing bumps and minimizing vehicle bounce.

A.C.S. (Air Control Suspension) shocks in snowmobiles offer riders the ability to adjust suspension stiffness on the go for optimal performance across varied terrains and conditions.


  • Front suspensions of ski doo Skandic are L.T.S. with Max travel of 5.9 inches.
  • While front suspensions in ski doo expedition are RAS™ X with Max Travel of 8.7 inches
  • The rear suspensions in both snowmobiles are SC™-5U with a Max travel  of 9.4 inches.

L.T.S. (Lightweight Telescopic Suspension) in snowmobiles is designed for superior balance and excellent performance in deep snow, providing stability and reducing dive irrespective of the trail conditions.

RAS™ X suspension in snowmobiles offers enhanced cornering and precision handling by reducing the roll of the vehicle. It’s designed for a high level of agility in rugged terrain.

SC™-5U suspension in snowmobiles provides enhanced comfort with its uncoupled design that keeps the drivers’ weight balanced, delivering smoother rides over long distances and varied terrains.

ski doo skandic vs expedition

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