Best Aftermarket Snowmobile Skis

Are you ready to go to a snowmobiling world full of joy and craze? Sounds good! Yes, I know. By buying changing snowmobile skis, you can have a better experience of handling and speed with your snowmobile. You can change your snowmobile skis according to your taste. Everyone knows that skis are the basic functioning unit of snowmobiles and snowmobile performance is fully dependent on its skis.
So today in this article I will share with you some best snowmobile aftermarket skis. You can upgrade your snowmobile according to your taste. So let’s get started.

1-C&A Pro Razor RZ Skis


  • This skis is very versatile and suitable for every kind of terrain.
  • These skis are made up of plastic
  • Their weight is almost 15 pounds
  • Their dimension is as follows:  43.75″L x 11.75″ W
  • No kit is given with them only skis


The carefully designed structure of these snowmobile skis gives you exceptional control and handling and allows you to tackle every kind of terrain. The most important thing is that you can easily install them without any effort and can go out on a snowmobile again in a minute. The design of these skis allows you to easily float on deep snow and gives you exceptional handling.

Their sleek and modern design will increase the attraction of your snowmobile. And these snowmobile skis must hold up to your demands.

Furthermore, these skis are liked from their every year.

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2-Raider All-Terrain Skis


  • Made by Raider brand
  • Weights about 11 pounds
  • Best for off-trail riding and powder
  • Their length and width are 41″L x 7″ W
  • No hardware is included 











For the ultimate off-trail riding experience, look no further than the Raider All-Terrain skis. Their wide design allows for swift movement through deep snow, providing exceptional speed and improved handling for your snowmobile. 

These skis are constructed with a single-piece blow-molded design, ensuring durability and reliability without any risk of parts coming loose. If you’re considering replacing your original steel skis, the Raider All-Terrains offer superior control in various off-terrain scenarios. While they are more affordable than other options, it’s worth noting that hardware needs to be purchased separately, which may increase the overall cost.

 When it comes to riding on powder, these skis are unmatched in performance.

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3-Curve XS Skis


  • This item is made by curve industries.
  • Its weight is almost 4.8 pounds.
  • Its dimensions are as follows 39 x 7.6 x 7 inches
  • The hardware kit is included with it.
  • Best for on-trail riding
  • Easy installment 


These skis are best for trail riding. these skis can give you outstanding performance and can tackle every difficulty in your way. This can help you to tackle fast turns.

Get ready to experience a major improvement in your sled’s cornering abilities with the XS. From the first high-speed turn, you’ll feel the difference, and any snowmobiler will love that. Thanks to their wide footprint, these sleds provide added flotation in deep snow without sacrificing speed when you want to kick it up a notch. It’s going to be an exhilarating ride!
Their unique design is best for aggressive riders.

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4-Camoplast Universal Touring Ski


  • These skis are made by Camoplast
  • These skis weigh almost 1 pounds.
  • The dimensions of these skis are ‎40 x 14 x 6 inches
  • Hardware and molting kits are sold separately
  • These skis are Best for touring.


If you want to go to ride in the backcountry then these skis are the best option for you. These skis can give you their best whole the day.

These skis are very lightweight so they can help you to explore unknown places very easily. And can work best on off-trails. Their strong construction is very reliable and gives you outstanding control over your snowmobile.

Get ready to experience the next level of skiing with the incredible Universal Touring Ski! Unlike traditional skis with moving parts and fragile components, this ski is crafted using a cutting-edge blow-molded one-piece construction. This means no more worries about breakable pieces or fussy maintenance. 

The durable plastic design ensures top-notch performance, but watch out for rocks and stumps as they can cause minor chipping and scratching. Don’t worry though, it won’t affect how the ski performs, but it’s worth keeping an eye on for long-term durability.

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 5-Ski-Doo OEM DS-2 Ski


  • These skis are made by ski doo
  • These skis weigh almost 5.6 pounds
  • Their dimensions are 17 x 8 x 8 inches
  • The complete kit including hardware is given to you when you buy this.
  • These skis are the best option for OEM replacement

If you are a ski doo rider and your original skis are broken in an accident then these skis are best for OEM replacement.

 Ski-doo is a very popular and trusted brand and if you are not looking for an upgrade then these snowmobile skis are best for you and give you the same performance as your original skis can give you.

Check out these amazing ski assemblies! They come with pre-installed handles for super easy installation, and all the hardware you need is included. These skis are designed to perform well in a variety of conditions, with a tough construction that allows for great float in powder and effortless maneuvering through hard snow. 

They also offer fantastic handling and cornering abilities. While they may not provide top-of-the-line aftermarket performance, they’re perfect for general use. Plus, if you only need to replace one ski on your sled, you can grab an individual ski from Ski-Doo too! How awesome is that?

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Some things to ponder 

Before buying any kind of skis must think that you are going to upgrade your skis or want to replace skis in case your original skis are broken. (OEM replacement)

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